Additional Services

Finish Line Arches

The large truss system is $500. per event, delivery, set-up, tear down included.


A finish line arch adds professionalism to your event We also have 2 different truss types to choose from.  The truss versions are for rent on a per event basis.

The free blow-up arch is suitable for most applications.



Our Free blow-up arch is available on request. (Just let us know that you would like us to bring it along).

Text messaging and live tracking with Race Joy

You must use our registration system to be eligible for Race Joy tracking and race day text.  Text message results can be sent to competitors, family and friends almost instantly.   A participant’s connections in any location can receive results from a racer who has crossed the finish line, in about 10 seconds!

Live Streaming with

We can post results live to the internet while your race is in progress, as well as make the immediate venue a wireless hotspot so anybody with internet enabled devices can look up results instantly.

Race day entries

In conjunction with database management, we can key in entries as they come in prior to the event, as well as on race day.  Race day entries will be billed at $1.00 each if they are in excess of 10 entries.  (Up to and including 10 is free, if you go to 11 all entries will be charged starting from the first.)

Announcer feed

We can provide a laptop for the announcer to read off the names of participants as they cross the finish line.

Post event results

Every event we time will have results posted on our website, in the most timely manner possible. Most times we post the results before we leave the race venue.  We will also email you those results for posting on your own website.